Safeguard your personal or company’s most valuable assets
Increase your business process efficiency by implementing fleet management system that suits your company
Fleet Management

Track all vehicle’s status in real-time, e.g. engine, top mileage, top speed & idle duration

History Playback

Playback and view history of vehicle’s route & status

Dispatching System

Ensure driver follows schedule by notification system

Prevention System

Notify admin when routes is out of pre-set routes (geo-fencing)

Scheduling System

Preset timetables, schedule and routes for vehicles.

Vehicle Permit Notification

Reminder on vehicle road tax & permit due date, service & maintenance due.

Tracking System (Google API)

Tracks vehicle current location based on google map APIs

Anti-theft System

Notification when device detects strong movement or vibration & car theft recovery

Reporting System

Exportable Excel report on vehicle traveled location, engine status, distance, speed & time

Access Permissioning

Different level of management admin can be set for different rights on editing or viewing

Vehicle Maintenance

Update vehicle information and photos for documentation purpose and safekeeping

Billing System

Shows status & reminder of payment & renewal via notification.

Fuel Consumption Indicator

Provide sophisticated details of fuel usage and details in vehicle

Responsive UI

Catered for different size of mobile device, IOS App & Android App available.

Completely Customizable

System & report can be customized based on user business process requirements.

Free Updates & Support

Software updates and functions improve are provided from time to time.

Our Clients Love Us

Delivering effective and efficient system design is our top priority

In collaboration with University of Nottingham to deliver the latest technology

The fleet system  we designed is suitable across all industry.

Our system offers comprehensive live tracking & history data, detailed geo location history and searchable route history based on specific dates & time

Car Rental Services
Logistic & Transportaion
Taxi & Limousine
Public Transportation
Healthcare Services
Fast Food Deliveries
Constructions & Development
Utility Services

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